Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kambree's growing up!

A little bit of background before the story! A couple of weeks ago Kim's mom, Kim, Kambree, and I all went to the Olive Garden and we had this fun waiter who Kambree absolutely loved! Well since then she asks all the time to go to Olive Garden b/c she wants to see him!

Kambree's birthday is Sunday so last night we let her decide where to eat for supper and of course she chose Aver Garben (Olive Garden) and had to ask for "Jeremy" so we could sit in his section. As soon as we saw him she ran up to him and said hi! Evidently Kambree has a bit of a childhood crush on an older man! But hey...there is NOTHING wrong w/liking older men!! ;) Anyway all night she was soo hyper and talked about how much she loved him, and loved his hair. She informed Kim and I that he liked her better than us, then proceeded to ask him. She would get mad if he was gone for longer than she thought he should be! We had to inform her that there were other tables he had to attend to! Of course he didn't help a whole lot either. He just flirted right back! Told her that she was his favorite and that he loved when we came in b/c we were so much fun! haha! Anyway Kambree proceeded to ask him to come to her birthday party and he put it in his phone and said he would try his hardest! haha! She said it was a princess party but he could be a prince! haha! Anyway it was just too funny to see her act that way! Before we left he brought her out a cake and they sang to her! She made him sit down and eat cake with us! Then when the manager came over she thanked him for letting Jeremy have cake with us! It was absolutely hilarious and definitely entertaining! So those of you with little girls...beware!! Here are the pictures from last night...she just had to have a picture with Jeremy! Stay tuned for pictures from her actual birthday party on Saturday! It should be pretty entertaining too!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day Fun!

Who would have thought that a Valentine's day w/out a hot date would be so much fun...but it was!! Saturday morning Amy texted Brooke, Brian, and I to go to her house for breakfast. Leslye and Joey were in town staying at their house so she wanted to cook for all of us!! It was so fun and felt like old days when we had "cousin dinner" except this time it was breakfast! The boys hung out in the living room playing w/Abbye (or Abbye's toys) while us girls slaved in the kitchen! haha! After breakfast we all kind of just hung out and visited for a bit before needing to go home and get ready for the day!!

The boys playing w/Abbye's toys!
I'm teaching Abbye how to text...she loves it! haha!!
I got to rock Abbye to sleep (everyone can be jealous) but guess I rocked myself to sleep too!!

After going home and getting ready we all met Gran, and the Aunts and Uncles (minus my parents who already had a date planned) for lunch at Dions! It was so much fun to all be together!!
Abbye really thought Gran should be sharing her pizza with her!!
After lunch I went shopping with Gran and Kellye at fun! But being right there next to DSW really made me want some new shoes! Once we left Kirklands I was good and went home instead of venturing into the shoe store!! After being lazy and watching sappy Valentine Day chick flicks I decided that I desereved a pair of shoes as my Valentines Day gift to myself! haha!! So I headed up to DSW and spent an hour and a half among the shoes!! It was wonderful! Once I got my shoes it was time to head home and get ready for my date. haha! My date for Valentines Day was my carpet cleaner! We turned on the music and danced the night away! hahaha!! It was a good ending to a great day!
I can't end this blog without putting up a picture of my V-Day flowers! When I got home from work Friday I had these beautiful flowers sitting on my bar! The card read "From: Kambree To Cici I LOVE YOU!" All written by Kambree! It was the most special thing ever! And yes I cried! haha!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

For my Valentine!!

Last night was such a fun night!! For Valentines day I like to make Cheesecake filled chocolate covered strawberries! I made them last year and took them to work and everyone LOVED them! So this year I have had several hints from people around the office saying they hope they get them again this year!! Me being the wonderful coworker I am took the hint! haha!! Actually I enjoy making them so I didn't complain! So after supper last night Kam and I put on our matching aprons, turned on the Mamma Mia soundtrack, and went to work. Well I went to work. Kam just sat there and ate the insides of all the strawberries (which she said we should put sugar on) and kept going over to the extra cheesecake filling and sneaking a few bites!! She said it was "just too good"!! After a while (and a lot of sugar) Kam decided she wanted to have a dance party! She went and got her microphone and went to town!! She kept coming over and making me sing in the mic and trying to get me to get up and dance with her but I was hard at work!! Finally I gave in and went on "stage" with her (I needed a break anyway)!! My fireplace ledge goes all the way across my wall and gives a PERFECT spot to get up and dance on "stage"!! So Kam and I got up there and sang and danced(thank goodness for guitar hero so we could have 2 microphones haha)!! We had a blast!! When Kim got there she joined us too!! haha!! Anyway after performing Dancing Queen I told her I had to get back to work! Kim got a video on her phone of our performance but it was too blurry and a bit embarassing!! So... videos!! haha!! But we did get a few pictures of the strawberry making!! They turned out SOOOO yummy! Our secretary says I should go in business, now wouldn't that be fun!! I hope everyone has an awesome Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

K-A-P-P-A Kappa Kappa all the way!

What a fun Master Follies/Homecoming weekend we had!! Would have been better had I not had the never ending stomach bug but oh well! Life goes on! Kristi and Leslye got here Friday afternoon and after dinner Amy, Abbye, Leslye, Kristi, and I all went to cheer Brooke's team on at their basketball game! It was a nice surprise for her!!

Saturday morning was Alumni breakfast for Kappa and Alpha Chi. It was sure fun to catch up with old friends! Saturday night was the big Master Follies!! I love to go see all the hard work I know each club has put into their shows!! It sure makes me miss the days when we worked so hard for that big night!! All the shows were sooo good! I was disappointed that Kappa didn't win but they have to let someone else win sometimes! Totally kidding the other shows were really good!! Anyway we had a great time and I really enjoyed Les and Kristi staying with me! Here are some pictures to replay the weekend!!

After the alumni breakfast!!

Us girls waiting for Amy and Abbye so we could head into follies!!
Leslye, Kristi, and I...memories of dorm days!
Mine and Abbye's matching shoes...her's will be heels someday too!!!We had to get a picture of my COOL pink shades! hahaha All the excitement from Abbye's first follies totally wore her out!!We couldn't end a follies night w/out a follies face picture!!Kappa Cousins!!Brian's sister Amanda was in the LOA show...she did great!

I know this has nothing to do w/follies but it was too cute to pass up!! This morning when we were leaving Church Kambree wanted to wear my pink sunglasses! It was too funny!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Here's my Lemonade!

I have had a fun and interesting couple of weeks!! After recovering from being sick we decided to make a getaway trip to the mountains! So Kim, her brother Ryan, Kam, and I all headed to Ruidoso! We were planning on skiing but the mountain was just 25% open so we just decided to be bums instead!! Saturday evening we thought that instead of spending money eating out we would just have a cookout and play games! Kam and I decided that we needed to have a fake birthday party and I was the guest of honor! haha!! Here are a few pictures from our little trip and our very merry unbirthday!!

We were at Farleys for supper Friday and Kam ran across a "toy" machine w/Grillz in them. So we all thought we had to have some...they were pretty hilarious!! (you may have to click the pic to make it bigger to get the full effect)

A Very Merry Unbirthday!! Too fun!
When you're with have to act like them!!

Friday night Randy Rogers Band and Eli Young Band were having a concert here in Lubbock and I was SOOO excited! I LOVE a good Texas country concert! So I rounded up a couple of people and headed out there! I LOVED every minute of was so much fun! There is just something about live music that makes it so much better!! I figured I might as well put a couple pictures from that night too!

So that has been the excitement of my past couple of weeks! I know it was probably a bit boring (was fun to me) but like I said before...if I don't post I get kicked off the blog roll on some people's computers!! I am SO ready for Masterfollies this weekend!! Prentiss Palace (thats my house for those of you who have never been a guest there) is ready for its visitors! And hopefully we can have a "Cousin Dinner" for those who have moved away and don't get to participate anymore (Love ya Les)!! So stay tuned for pictures from the LCU Alumni weekend!! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!