Monday, March 30, 2009

Here There and Everywhere!

The past couple of weeks have been fun and exciting!! Spring Break was great, we had beautiful weather and it was a perfect time to get my pool back up!! Brooke, Kim, and I spent Tuesday afternoon setting the pool up! We had lots of fun and got lots of sun!! After we got the pool up we went out for St.Patty's day while the pool was filling up! Kambree is already asking if we can get in...I think 1 dip of her toe in there and she might change her mind!!

The rest of Spring Break was fun as well! Friday I went and visited one of my friends in Oklahoma City for the weekend! I went to my first NBA game and had a blast!! After the beautiful (other than the wind) weather that we had spring break last week was quite different!! Friday we had a cold front come in and brought snow! haha!! Gotta love West TX and the crazy weather patterns we have!!
Saturday was Abbye's 1st birthday party and what fun it was!! Some of my family met for lunch at Chick-fil-A before running errands and heading to the party! "The Fav" aunt Kellye (as she has termed herself) decided she was going to take some pics for a blog and as she was taking them was blogging out loud! It was quite entertaining but unfortunately most of them turned out quite dark or they are the kind that people hate you for when you put them up! But we got a cute one of Les and I! Once at the party we had a blast!! Abbye was quite overwhelmed with all the action I think, but she got lots of fun birthday stuff!! And the rest of us had a blast being together!! I believe someone counted that there were 56 people there at 1 time! CRAZINESS!! Here are a few pics from the day!!

Hope everyone has had a great couple of weeks!! I will try and be better about blogging more! No promises but I will definitely try!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The 5 year old Princess!!!

Well as I promised I have LOTS of fun pictures from Kambree's 5th Birthday party! We had such a blast and it all turned out sooo well! Kambree was absolutely a Princess and she had such a blast!! I can't believe today 5 yrs ago I was sitting in the hospital room holding her! INSANE!! It was fun to see some of our old friends from the LVT who came to the party!! It was a fun day for everyone and Kambree got tons of fun presents! After the party Kam and I sat in her room for hours playing with them!!

For any of you who read my previous blog you must note that this is Jeremy from Olive Garden! He actually showed up! Kam was kind of shy at first but then wanted a pic w/him!! It was too sweet!
Brooke was working a track meet but her and Brian took a few minutes to stop by! Made Kam's day...she was so disappointed when she found out they couldn't come!
Charlie, Amy, and Abbye got to come too! Glad my family was represented well! haha!! Abbye thought she needed to be a princess like Kambree!
So we made her a Princess!!
Kam was patiently waiting to get on the with the good stuff...cake and presents!!
She loves her auntie Cici!!
So Kim and I thought this sparkler candle would be too cool! Guess you shouldn't let 2 blondes think too much b/c it usually ends in disaster! Luckily this time it didn't...but could have been! It put off so much smoke that we were afraid the fire sprinklers were going to go off...we had 2 people fanning them to keep the smoke away!! haha!! It looked cool though and Kam liked it so guess that is all that matters!!
This picture was taken right after the sparkler was done! You can tell the amount of smoke in the room! Ooops!! Gotta love old time Lovington friends!!
Kimberly's mom and I listening to the Dueling Pianos...they are just so much fun!
The weekend was so much fun! Wish everyone could have been there! And there is probably enough cake left for everyone to have some! was delicious! She had a layer of strawberry just for me!!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!