Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Fun

Kam and Abbye playing at Red Lobster...aren't they adorable!!
This afternoon Kim, Kam, Brooke, Charlie, Amy, Abbye, and I went to the new leisure pool at Tech! It is an awesome facility equipped w/slide, diving board, and a lazy river! We spent most of our time in the lazy river but Charlie and I had to try out the diving board and the slide!!Blonde Moment Warning: After spending all afternoon at the pool...when I went to put my shoes on to leave I noticed this...

It was a fun fun day!! I wish we had have gone before the first weekend that students were back but oh well!! School started Thursday! I am taking 3 classes this semester but they seem like they are going to be fun classes!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Nothing better than the Rodeo!

Ok so I know it has been FOREVER, but I had a legitimate excuse this time! The second summer session of grad school was my life...I felt like all I did was listen to Ed Psych lectures for 4 weeks! It was really quite frustrating, but we won't get into that!! It is over and I NEVER have to take that horrible class again! Thank goodness!! With the exception of school, I have had a fun 4 weeks! The next weekend was more family fun! It was time again for the Annual Shopping and Swimming Extravaganza! We all headed to Dallas Thursday morning in time to make it to the Rangers game that evening! It was lots of fun!
Friday and Saturday was filled with lots of shopping and swimming! The next week was time for the 74th Annual Lea Country Fair & Rodeo! If you live in Lovington that is a HUGE time of year! Growing up that was like the last hoorah before going back to school. It was the place to see all your friends you hadn't seen all summer, and to ride lots of rides. Looking back I now know it is an EXPENSIVE time of year for parents! Anyway, this year Charlet was down from Oregon so Caran, Nanny, Charlet, Carol, Boston, Jude, Tyson, and Dash all decided to make a visit to the Land of Enchantment and the Fair & Rodeo. Brooke, Brian and I wanted to get to spend some time with them so we made the trek too! It was great to see them all!

Friday after work Kim, Kam, Baxter, Angel, and I headed back to Lovington for some more Fair & Rodeo.
Saturday Kambree came over for some "cowgirl" time. She just loves Stormy!

She would have rode all day if I would have let her, but we were all hot and needed to get ready for the evening. That evening we took Kam to ride some rides and the rodeo! We had such a good time!!

So...sorry this was soo long but I was way behind!! Hopefully the fall semester will not be so time consuming!! It just can't be...I can't miss out on my Birthday month festivities!!