Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Raider Power!!

Well it's official...I am starting back to school! After 4 years of enjoying my freedom I am going back to school for my Masters! I freaked a little when I submitted all my paperwork to apply, then freaked a little more when I got accepted a couple weeks ago, then REALLY freaked out yesterday when I met with my advisor and registered for classes! It made it much more real. I am actually very excited and look forward to starting! I will be getting my Masters of Education in Instructional Technology from Texas Tech. My courses will all be online so that will be really nice! With this I will either be able to continue with what I am doing here and just make more money...or I can go into teaching! I should be able to teach at the college level which is what I am hoping for! I am registered for 12 hours this summer so I am starting off with a bang!! So if there is a bit of lag in my blogging just know I am hard at work on school! HAHA!!! Or laying in my pool! One of the two!! Hope everyone is enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hippity Hoppity Easter came our way!!

What an awesome fun easter we had!! I got to Gran's on Friday evening and helped w/the cooking and baking to get ready for the weekend festivities!! I even made my first bunny rabbit cake!! Saturday evening the gang started arriving and once everyone got there we had our Easter meal since Sunday's are always so hectic trying to get it ready in a timely manner after church. After dinner we had birthday time for Kenna, Brian, Cade, and Kyla!

Pops spoiling Kenna and giving her potato casserole..Kenna saying "mmmm"
Kenna sharing her yummy cake with Pops!After birthday we went back to the kitchen to do dishes! The family has a tradition of singing while doing the is such a wonderful time! You can tell who was really helping! haha!!We had such a great evening singing and visiting and watching the babies in the bathtub. I must add that Abbye had her first BM in the was absolutely the most HILARIOUS thing ever! Poor babies! They just wanted to play! Sunday was tons of fun too. After church we went and ate lunch before going back to Grans. When we got to Grans the Easter Bunny had been there for Kenna and Abbye! It was too cute! Of course we also took the traditional family pictures!! Always a fun time on Easter! Hope everyone had a great Easter as well!! Enjoy the pics!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Ok so evidently everyone thinks that just b/c I had a tube put in my ear on Thursday I can't hear! That has been the most common thing I have heard since then! Just an update...For several months I have been going to the ENT doctor for my ear and he has been watching the extreme amount of pressure in my ear drum. Finally a couple weeks ago he said it has gotten where the pressure is causing the eardrum to thin and we need to do something now or it could cause permanent damage. So, Thursday Mom, Dad, Gran and I went in to Dr. Potocki to have my tube put in. After sitting in the waiting room forever and then taking a retarded hearing test I finally got to see Dr. Potocki. The surgery took about 20 min then he sent me on my merry little way! They informed me it will sound like my head is in a barrel and that I may have some dizziness but that was about it! Well they were definitely right about the barrel but I had no clue what they meant about the dizziness. That evening Mom and I were sitting in the living room watching TV and all the sudden I just started burning up to the point of thinking I was about to pass out! Mom came and opened the back door for me and then in a few minutes it passed. After that happening several times we figured out that is what they were referring to about the was NOT fun! haha!! Friday Mom, Dad and I went to breakfast and then to Sams. While at Sams I couldn't hardly even hold myself up I was soo pooped! So after Sam's mom and dad went home and I went to my house and took a 4 hour nap! Guess I was worn out! haha!! Since then everything has been pretty normal! I had a good friend come and take me to dinner a couple of times...guess he felt sorry for me sitting at home! haha!! Saturday I spent the afternoon shopping for my Easter dress (which I ended up with 3 haha). I never thought I would say this, but the shopping wore me out! haha!! My ear isn't hurting too much...occassionally it hurts but mostly it i just bothersome. It feels like when your ear is real stopped up and won't pop. I don't like that feeling! I can hear myself talking in my head and that drives me nuts. I am hoping this feeling will go away soon!! Last night Kambree and I made a delicious Strawberry cake!! Kam loves to help me in the kitchen!! Except last night she informed me she really needed to help me more b/c just handing me things wasn't really help! haha!! Sometimes when I let her help more she is MORE help than I need! Anyway with all that being said things are pretty good. Had some dizziness this morning but I think that has cleared up! I go back in a month and he said that if I "like this tube" he will put one in the left ear. He must be crazy! Maybe it will all balance out soon and I may start to "like my tube" but until then I am saying no way! Thanks to everyone for the calls!! And thanks so much to Mom, Dad, and Gran for going with me and being my support! Gran informed me that she was there w/me the 3 other times I had them as a baby so she was going to be with me now! Thanks also to Gran for the GORGEOUS Tulips (which btw are my absolute favorite flower), I love them!! I will keep everyone updated on the status of my wonderful ear! Here are some pictures of the tulips and our baking night!!

We had a powdered sugar fight! haha!!