Friday, June 26, 2009

I did it!!!!

It's official!! I have completed my first semester of Graduate school!! What a fun/interesting/crazy 4 weeks it has been!! One of my classes I had to create (from beginning to end) 3 can find them on youtube (Csconner01) if you are interested!! It was quite a larger task than I ever thought it would be but we had a LOT of fun doing them!! I had some great actors and actresses who made it great!! After several 1:30am nights and several days of staying late at work (9:30pm and 6:30pm...EVERYONE MARK THAT DOWN in the record books!!) I got it all done!! I uploaded my last video at 7ish tonight!! It was a truly awesome feeling!! I feel a bit accomplished...I even learned stuff in the process!! 6hrs down 33 more to go!! I start my next summer session in July where I will take 6 more hours! Can't wait! hehe