Friday, December 19, 2008

All Aboard

Hello once again from the slacker!! I guess I like to save up all my fun news to do 1 big blog! I don't know why, but that seems to be the trend! So last night Kambree and I went on the Polar Express Train Ride and OMG what a blast it was! We met Nanny, Caran, Charlet, Jason, Carol, Jude, Boston, and Tyson there! The Polar Express took us out to the North Pole where we picked up Santa and he rode back to Lubbock with us! The kids had lots of fun together and were SOOOO excited about it all! They LOVED the Hot Chocolate song!

This is as we were pulling up to the North Poll! They were so excited!

Hot-Hot-Hot-Hot Chocolate!
After the Polar Express Kim, Brooke, and Brian met us at my house. We had our Christmas with Kambree last night b/c we won't see her again before Santa comes! Kam loved her new toys she got...but I am not sure that the rest of us didn't enjoy them just as much! haha!!

When she got her stocking she informed me that Santa put them in the wrong stocking but she knew they were for her! - BTW Santa dropped them off when he rode the Polar Express back to Lubbock with us!!

A couple weeks ago Mom, Dad, Chris, and I went to Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo. We had an amazing time!!! I meant to blog with a slideshow of all the pictures but I never did (maybe I still will sometime) here are a few pics from the trip!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Festivities

Thanksgiving was lots of fun this year! Actually I guess it is fun every year, but I think it gets more fun every year! Seems like there is always something new and improved! This year at Grans it was a baby! Abbye got to celebrate her first Thanksgiving at Grans this year!

Evidently I was too busy working to take pictures of the preparation and the clean-up, but I did get some goofy pics of us after we were done!
I got nosy at Kellye's new office and found these fun "Shades" I couldn't pass them up...obviously Brooke and Amy couldn't either!!

After all the festivities in Snyder were over we (Mom, Dad, Brooke, Brian and I) loaded up the Winnebago and headed back to Lubbock to make out a plan for our Black Friday shopping extravaganza!! When we pulled up it was raining and I just loved the sight of my house all decorated for Christmas, so I had to share!!

Sunday was the Conner Family Thanksgiving! While there were no babies this time, I had Kambree so we had some child entertainment!! After lunch we all convened to the living room for some Wa-Hoo, football watching, and to decorate Nanny's tree! We had lots of fun!
Hope everyone had as great of a Thanksgiving as I did!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I Love My Crazy Life!!

Ok so yet again I have been a slacker! Sorry! But I have had some FUN times here lately! The weekend after Halloween I decided I wanted to put up my Christmas tree (before anyone comments on the rules of when you can put up your tree, I will say I don't care! My house, my rules! hahaha) I am a firm believer of the earlier the better when it comes to Christmas! I think it is too much work and too pretty to only enjoy it for 2 weeks out of the year! Anyway...for the past 3-4 years I have done a green tree w/my pink lights and my Barbie Collector's Series Ornaments (This year makes 15 years - makes me feel old)! Well last year I noticed my pink lights were starting to fade and not look so pink so I figured this year I needed new ones. So Sunday after church Kambree and I went to Holland Gardens to get new pink lights, but of course they didn't have them. They did have an ADORABLE pink tree that I totally wanted but had a hard time justifying! Anyway while we were there we ran into Mr. Clause and Kambree was SO excited!! She got to sit in his lap and tell him what she wanted!
Since Holland Gardens didn't have what I needed I ran around town all afternoon trying to find some new pink lights (w/out much luck) so guess what I ended up with...A PINK TREE! I absolutely LOVE it!! If you know me at all it fits me perfect! And for all of you out there that feel sorry for the guy I marry, just know that I will compromise and put the pink tree in a spare bedroom! haha!!

Last weekend Brooke, Brian, and I went to Lovington to help Pop's with his Cattle! It was quite an experience! haha! The goal was to get all the cattle into the pin and get them their shots and get them tagged.

*Yes I was really working too, just so happened that when mom was taking the pictures I had passed the shocker thing off to Brian (notice he has both)! haha

Dad and I are the only ones who have ever done anything like that before and when I have done it there were about 15 guys doing it! Brooke and Brian were newbies and Brooke was not fond of it. When we got the first one in the shoot Brooke started crying...she thought it was sooo sad! Poor tender hearted little soul (I'm the same way so I can't say a whole lot, but I just didn't cry at this)! hehe!

Anyway, after about an hour of the stinking cows just going in circles and not into the shoot we had to try another method! Just letting them free into the big pin and chasing them into the shoot! I was the official chaser/blocker.

Thanks to my years of basketball I was quite successful (defense was always my specialty)! Brooke, Mom, Brian, and Dad formed the wall to block the cows from passing through once I got them headed in the right direction! Made me realize how stinking out of shape I was! haha! You never realize how good of shape you were in back in the day until you do the things now that you used to do and it kills you! haha! Once we got the hang of this it was MUCH easier! I am surprised people weren't lined up along the highway to watch b/c I am sure it was quite entertaining!! BUT, we got it done and know now what works best!

Stormy and Dakota (the little snots) were sure glad they weren't cows that day...they basked in the freedom they had!
Once we finished w/all the cattle we let them out on the wheat for a little treat!!
What an experience that was!! After getting everything put back up we went in for showers and lunch! As soon as we finished eating we were out for a well deserved nap!

In closing I would like to say that even though my Red Raiders failed to make it to the OU game, and they sent the Lubbock High football team to play for them, I am still a HUGE fan!!