Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun pics

A little background before the story....
So my back bedroom at my house is a "Cow" room.  It is kind of westerny w/cowhides and rustic type stuff.  Anyway, I have this awesome picture frame (that once had a great picture in it) that for about a year and a half now has needed a good picture in it.  So...I have been wanting a picture of Kambree and Pop's (my dad) on our horse Stormy.  Kam has decided she is a cowgirl so I thought how perfect!  Anyway I decided to go to Lovington this weekend and Kim and Kam decided they would go too.  When they told me that I thought what a great time it would be to take pics.  So we put together the cutest outfit and planned to take pics Saturday afternoon!  I was STOKED to finally get the picture for my frame! haha!  So Saturday afternoon (AFTER MY RED RAIDERS KICKED SOME MAJOR BOOTY) Dad and I got ready, saddled the horse, and began to wait and wait and wait.  Well, as luck would have it the Roger's girls became busy and put off the picture plans (until it was too dark for pics like I had warned them all day). So since Pop's and I were already looking cute and had Stormy saddled we figured we may as well make the best of it!  Mom came out and took pics for us in dad's wheat field and we had a BLAST!!!  Of course by the time we realized they weren't going to show up the sun was at a bad spot so some of the cutest ones didn't turn out but we got some way cute ones and a PERFECT picture for my frame!!  I couldn't have asked for a better Saturday afternoon!!  Or for a better picture!!!  I have the worlds greatest parents, they always seem to make things better!!!  Anyway, here are the fun pictures!!

And the picture for the frame is....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A meme

Wonderful Kristi tagged me in her Meme blog. The assignment is to grab the 6th photo off of the 6th file of photos on my computer and post it. Of course I have different pictures on different computers that I have, but this one seemed to have the best story behind it! So here it is!!

This picture is little miss Kambree!! This was from her second birthday party! It was at Pizza Inn and was so much fun! Her theme was "Poodles in Paris"! This picture was taken right before she feel backwards out of her chair. The crazy thing about that is that she still to this day remembers that! Blows my mind! This picture definitely brought back GREAT memories and a little tear to my eye! I know Kristi already tagged Amy, Brooke, and Heather...but I am going to do them again so that they will actually do it! What a great fun blog Kristi! Thanks!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

My favorite 4yr old!

Kambree is my friend Kimberly's little girl. Kim and I grew up together and have been greatest of friends forever! Kim and Kam moved to Lubbock in May and it has been a blast!! Kim doesn't get off work until 7 in the evenings (now - used to be 10) so since June I have been picking Kambree up from daycare and keeping her until Kim got off!! Kam and I had a fun summer together and I have posted pictures throughout the summer, but the following are pictures since August that haven't been posted! At the bottom is a video of my new favorite song!! If you listen to it be sure to listen to the words and you will understand why I love it so much!!

Kambree was the Flower Girl in our friend from Lovington's Wedding! She was precious!!

Kam started Pre-K this year and this was her first day of school! Mom always took pics of us so I had to do the same for her!

For some reason she wanted one on my jet skis too!

I picked Kam up from the daycare Monday and she seemed tired. Before we got home this was how I found her! haha

Tuesday was school picture day and this was her outfit! She was precious!!

Tuesday after school Kam came to work with me! Guess working was too much for her b/c she didn't hardly make it out of the parking lot! haha!

We love to show our Atkin's Pride (Brooke's School) when we go watch Brooke coach!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Family Birthday Celebrations

What a FUN birthday weekend we had. Even though it wasn't mine it was still a blast! haha!! Dad's birthday was Friday (Oct. 3) Heather's (Oct. 5), and Daniel's (Oct. 9). So we had LOTS of partying to do! This year is Heather's 30th birthday so the whole celebration was really about her, but we included the others! And...I even got a present (told ya'll I would carry into October!) My uncle Gary picked out my card for me...I LOVE it!!!

After/during the time we were opening presents Leslye and I played with the girls on the floor!! We felt like kids again! haha!! I attached a short little video of Abbye and Kenna talking and a slideshow of the Party Pics! What an awesome family we have!!

Heather has an even funnier video on her page Heather's Headlines!

Enjoy the Show!!