Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On this day...my birthday ends...

This day marks the ending of my birthday month. Awww…sad I know! I have had such a wonderful fun month! Gran has sent me quite a few cards, at least 1 a week usually more! I love getting fun mail! Thanks to everyone who took time to celebrate with me! I took every opportunity I could to celebrate! Haha!! If anyone missed out on the opportunity I don’t mind flowing over into October, Nov, Dec…whatever! Haha! Totally kidding, I am not that selfish, I will share! Other than my birthday fun, life has pretty calm here lately, not a whole lot going on. Work is starting to settle down (I hope)! We haven’t had any more crazy escaped convicts running around the building! But I did get to go to the Nursing Simulation Center today and that was just too cool! It kinda made me wish I went into the medical field like I had always dreamed! Haha!! Oh well…being a computer nerd works too I guess! Haha! Well I don’t guess there is much more to talk about today…stay tuned for more adventures in the life of Courtney! I will attach a couple of pictures from the last couple of weeks!

Kim and I at the Motorcycle Rally

Ryan (The Neighbor boy)

Kim and I again!

Sis and I!!

Brooke and Brian…Aren’t they the cutest

Ryan and DC (The Boys..neighbors)