Friday, November 13, 2009

New Floors!!!

So the past few day's I have been getting new floors installed in my house. As most of you know, prior to installing a doggy door Angel ruined my carpet. I have cleaned and cleaned it but the yucky always came back. Damage done! I finally decided I had enough and started the search for new flooring. It was quite stressful trying to decide what to go with because EVERYONE I talked to had an opinion and everyone's opinion was different. So it came down to what I thought best! Then I had to decide which color was best. And when working with my fireplace that has a LOT of red in it I had to be real careful to not end up with something that brought out a whole lot of red. But then things got too golden! So I finally found one that was just brown. Not too red, not too gold!! Then of course I worried about it until it was in! Other decisions was who to install it...go with the company's installer or a contractor. A lot of the installers wanted to put quarter round around the baseboards instead of pulling them up. Me, being the picky person I am, didn't care for the quarter round. So finding someone that would pull up my baseboards was another task! But I found someone and they did an AWESOME job! If anyone is wanting to do any kind of floor installations let me know, I would recommend them in a heartbeat!! Anyway, it was fun to watch them install it all and see the progress! I ended up getting my living room, dining room, and hallway done! It all turned out great!! Here are the before and after pictures!

Carpet is up...prepping the floor!Living room floors down...still need to do the hallway and polishing off the floor.End of Day 2Baxter and Angel REALLY wanted to help so I had to keep them locked in the bedroom. But they still managed to keep an eye on what was going on!!2nd day they weren't as interested!!
All done!!! I wasn't really able to get a good picture of the color but it isn't as golden as the pictures make it look!!
Now I can put up my Christmas tree!! This year I decided since I had an extra tree I would make a western one to put in my back bedroom. I got a lot of the stuff in Fredericksburg and others from Holland Gardens and Kohls. So I was pretty anxious to get it up! I put it up the day after Halloween so it was already November! haha!! I was waiting on my floors to get done before I put up my pink tree. Maybe I will get to that this weekend! Anyway, here are a couple pictures of the Western tree. It is sooo cute!!
I had to include this because it was just too funny!! Evidently if you are around me long enough you turn into a computer nerd. Guess it happened to Bax too!!
Have a GREAT weekend everyone!! Happy Friday the 13th!!


Leslye said...

Floors look really good! Cute tree!

Andra said...

Love the floors. Gracious, glad all the decisions are FINALLY made and done with! But, well worth the effort you put into it! Tree turned out sooo cute! Computer nerd Bax is hilarious!

Amy said...

Love this post. Very cute and your floors look great!

HaleyP said...

I love your floors! We have wood floors and love them! So much easier to clean up spills.